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Studying online for this master’s degree will help you develop an advanced understanding of both the Hospitality and Tourism industries, as well as effective strategies for implementing operations within these lucrative sectors. Upon completion of the programme you will have gained a detailed analytical, strategic insight into these industries through the study of industry-focused practical cases.

The online MA programme consists of three semesters, each of which is designed to provide you with different elements of complementary knowledge and skills to succeed in these highly competitive areas of the economy. During the first semester, you will be introduced to the theoretical issues affecting modern tourism, hospitality, and event organisations. The second semester will focus primarily on the application of key theories through practical case studies. You will then have the opportunity to hone and showcase your knowledge in the third semester in which you are required to work on a dissertation project.

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Your full tuition fee will depend on the date of your registration. Please fill in the enquiry form on the right for more information.


Students graduating from this online degree programme will be eligible to work in a broad range of supervisory, managerial, and consulting positions in both public and private sector tourism or event organisations, especially those with a marketing and sales orientation. For example, graduates can be expected to go on to attain managerial posts within conference centres, hotels, travel agencies, professional conference organisers, destination management companies, and exhibition organisers.

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