This short course is aimed at complete beginners wanting to enter the world of fashion design and garment construction.

In this 10 week course students will begin the fundamentals of pattern cutting, experimenting with dart manipulation using basic blocks. Students will learn how to use these templates, to create endless designs. By adding flare, creating exciting silhouettes, based on their own designs.

To begin making garments from a set of measurements, students will gain the skills needed to create blocks, and then manipulate these into creating endless designs.

Each process of cutting within the Atelier, will be followed by documenting the process both photographically and with machine sewn samples, creating a valuable technical file, suitable for job and university interviews.


During this 10 week course you will learn the fundamentals of pattern cutting. Once the basics have been learnt students can then progress onto the advanced course, where you can experience a more advanced, innovative process of pattern cutting.

You will be taught by the most highly skilled lecturers working within the fashion industry.

By choosing to study this short course you will:

Experience being taught by influential, well connected lecturers in a major fashion capital, surrounded by similar fashion creatives


Each lesson will be taught in an experimental and experiential workshop environment. You will be working in the cutting rooms, with access to all machinery to create your samples.

The course will be led by a highly qualified and experienced University lecturer. They will teach you techniques which you will then go on to experiment by cutting and creating 3D samples on the mannequin.


A group crit will take place at the end of each lesson, where you will be able to assess and view your cohorts work. Gaining valuable feedback from both your lecturers and fellow students.

You will create a visual reflective journal, documenting the progress in each element of the course, by sketching, photographing and documenting.

Your samples and your reflective journal will then be handed in for assessment.

The assessment will be graded on a set of learning outcomes.


You will have access to the library, the cutting studio, which has all the necessary equipment, such as cutting tables, mannequins, flatbed machines, overlockers, buttonhole machines and irons.

If required you will also have use of photographic space, to help you document your progress for your reflective journals.

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