ICT Functional Skills - Level 2


ICT Courses , Watford

Course outline

Duration: 10 Weeks 09/09/19 – 09/12/19 *PLEASE NOTE

– course will run through half term

Days: Monday

Time: 12.30 – 15.30

Cost: £15.00 *extra charges may apply

Venue: Watford, PostCode WD18 0PT


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What is the course about?

At the end of this course you will have completed Level 2 Functional Skills for ICT.

Are there specific requirements for joining?

This course is suitable for learners who have some prior knowledge of MS Office software. How will I learn? You will be in a group of a maximum 10 learners and you will be guided through your course by one of our tutors. You will be given handouts to help you remember and you will be given lots of time to practice what you are learning. You will learn as an individual but also as a part of the group.

How will I be taught, and will there be any work outside the class?

Each student has their own computer. Presentations will be made using computers, whiteboard, overhead screen and printed notes. Step by step instruction, with demonstrations where appropriate, will help you grasp the concepts.

What feedback will I get?

You will receive regular feedback from your tutor throughout the course, as and when appropriate. At the end of the course you and your tutor are asked to assess the progress you have made.

What topics will we cover and what you are able to do:

  • Use ICT by discussing and deciphering which Software would be suitable to plan and
  • analyse complex tasks
  • Apply no less than ten editing, formatting and layout techniques using appropriate
  • software
  • Select, interact with and use ICT systems safely and securely in unfamiliar contexts
  • Manage files, folders and other media storage to enable efficient information retrieval
  • Use appropriate search techniques to locate and select relevant information as given
  • Recognise and take account of copyright and other constraints on the use of information
  • Use appropriate software to process, display and analyse numerical data
  • Organise at least ten electronic messages, attachments and contacts
  • Combine, organise and integrate information using accepted layouts, such as and accurate
  • conventions
  • Evaluate own use of ICT tools at each stage of a task

How will I be able to give my views on the course?

Please complete the evaluation form at the end of your course. These are monitored and help us to continually improve our courses.

How do I find out if I can get some support for my learning?

If you miss a session and you don’t inform us prior to the session, then you will be contacted by the tutor to find out the reason for not attending. The tutor then will talk to you about how to catch up with the session that you have missed.

When I’ve finished, what course can I do next?

Information Advice and Guidance will be given by a qualified tutor or staff member at the end of the course; to give you more information about other learning opportunities and activities available at the centre or at other local providers.