HND/HNC Graphic Design

2 years


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The HNC/HND in Graphic Design will enable you to develop your creative ability and technical graphics skills, allowing you to determine the career path you wish to take. The course is delivered via a combination of practical workshops, lectures, one-to-one tutorials and field trips to galleries and museums. You will engage in creating your own portfolio and will have the choice to specialize within a discipline of your choice, such as illustration, digital media, advertising or typography.


The course is aimed at students wanting to develop a career in various strands of the Graphic Design industry such as magazine design, publishing, branding, and design agencies, art direction and advertising, website design, work in the television and film industries, founding their own design studio, further study and research. Our students also develop skills that can enable them to develop careers in a wide range of related industries such as Arts Administration, Education, Media Practice and research and much more.


We foster a creative and professionally focused environment for each student to ensure that the knowledge acquired, contributes to the brokering of new connections and an empowering career.
Through our curriculum and the diversity within the classroom and student community, you can enjoy a dynamic, creative and culturally inspiring education
Experience an interdisciplinary, discursive and innovative approach to Higher Education that involves the fostering of an enterprising and entrepreneurial spirit.

This course enables further development and exploration of your studies to HNC/D level. You will build on your prior learning to explore advanced typography along with design projects based around: corporate identity and advertising (for print and screen). Live/competition work is a major part of the programme. The course culminates in a negotiated final major project and exhibition.

The aim of the HNC/D Graphic Design is to enable you to develop conceptual, cultural, creative and practical skills and to encourage flexibility, knowledge, skills, and motivation as a basis for future studies and career development.

A large part of the course will stretch you in terms of cultural understanding and the interpretation of it in contemporary and historical design and although this course will give you a vocational training that will ready you for industry, it will also act as a tool to open your mind, make new associations in your environment and will make you begin to question the depth and originality of responses.


Demonstrate knowledge, understanding, and skills in the field of graphic design
Develop higher-level skills in a graphic design context
Develop a range of skills and techniques and attributes essential for successful performance in working life
Ability to manage the delivery of various media and design projects
Demonstrate critical awareness and ability to research and synthesize complex information
Ability to communicate and present information and ideas in various forms
Develop the ability to handle information.

LCCA also host guest speakers from the graphic design sector and advertising agencies to speak to you about their experiences. You will be taught to engage with the rapidly evolving market of digital design and visual communication on a local, national and global scale, in line with the demands of a fast-expanding industry.

The programme is complemented by visits to studio’s, agencies and industry practitioners; as well as attendance to Museums, Galleries, and Exhibitions. The school takes part in international competitions, submits tenders and collaborates with companies thus allowing individual students or whole classes to take part in external professional offers – and ‘live projects’ which are always stimulating during their training period.


We offer a variety of engaging teaching methods from workshops, lectures, group critique, and seminars, to individual tutorials. There is also an emphasis on hands-on practical sessions which contributes towards the strong studio culture that has developed within the subject area.


There are no exams on this course as your work is assessed primarily by coursework. Here’s how we assess your work:

project presentations
research and developmental work
design portfolios
written essays or reports

This qualification gives you the opportunity to progress directly into employment in the graphic design industry. Upon completion, you with be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to produce graphics content for a number of design industries, such as advertising, magazine and fine art. You may also choose to progress onto high education in the form of professional qualifications or a degree.

Year 1 (HNC)
Techniques & Processes
Communication in Art and Design
Digital Design Practices
Contextual Studies
Graphic Design Practices
Individual Project (Pearson-set)
Professional Development


Year 2 (HND)
Web Design
Branding and Identity
Applied Practice Collaborative Project
User-testing for Design

Advanced Graphic Design Studies
Professional Practice

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