FdA Montessori Pedagogy


Studying for a Foundation Degree in Montessori Pedagogy (AMI 3-6) awarded by UEL may be just the course for you! Since the course is being offered in collaboration with the Maria Montessori Institute you will also receive the teaching Diploma awarded by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), the organisation set up by Maria Montessori herself, to ensure the spread of authentic Montessori practice. The courses delivered by the Maria Montessori Institute have evolved directly from those first delivered by Maria Montessori and her son Mario between 1919 and 1951. The partnership between the Maria Montessori Institute and UEL combines expertise in training highly valued Montessori teachers with an outstanding reputation in teacher education and childhood studies.


September 2019 Docklands Campus 30/09/2019 Day classes Monday

Entry Requirements

-A LEVEL -Must include passes at A2 in at least two subjects – BTEC – Extended Diploma or Diploma -INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE Diploma – with 28 points including a minimum of 15 points at Higher Level

Entry Required Documents


Copy of ID (National ID or Passport)

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English Certificate

If you don’t have an IELTS certificate or a Functional Skills English Level 2 certificate you will have to take an INTERNAL TEST


Copy of Transcript of Results

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Personal Statement

A personal statement is an essay that the student must write to apply to study at the university. Its purpose is to summarise your skills and experience and help you gain a place at your desired course. It must include the name of the university and the name of the course. You have to mention why are you applying to this particular university and what do you hope to achieve after the course, career wise. A well written personal statement will help you stand out in the crowd and secure you a place at your dream university. You can follow a specific guide to answer to some expected questions, however, you must not mention them in the essay. Have a clear, cursive structure and write a minimum of 250 words.


International Baccalaureate Diploma (for EU students)

If you are a EU student and you don’t have an International Baccalaureate Diploma, you can still apply with a Level 3 Diploma and relevant work experience

Assessment Methods

  • INTERNAL ENGLISH TEST if you don’t have an English accredited certificate
  • Academic Interview


Year 1
  • ED4051 Theoretical Foundations of Montessori Pedagogy I (Core)
  • ED4052 Montessori Curriculum -Practical Life (Core)
  • ED4053 Montessori Curriculum – Sensorial (Core)
  • ED4054 Montessori Curriculum – Language, Literacy and Maths 1 (Core)
  • ED4055 Reflective Practitioner 1 (Core)
Year 2
  • ED5053 Theoretical Foundations of Montessori Pedagogy 2 (Core)
  • ED5054 Montessori Curriculum – Language, Literacy and Mathematics 2 (Core)
  • ED5055 Understanding of the World and Creative studies (Core)
  • ED5056 Statutory Guidance for the Early Years (Core)
  • ED5057 Reflective Practitioner 2 (Core)
  • ED5058 Synthesis of Theory and Practice (Core)

Your career

Montessori Pedagogy gives you the skills and knowledge to work in a wide range of jobs with children and for children and their families. Apart from the classroom, careers are also available in Child development research, Special needs support, Psychology and counselling, Childcare, Humanitarian education initiatives and Montessori Teacher Training.

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