This course introduces you to the workings of a digital camera and how to transform and improve you photos on the computer using Adobe Photoshop. The course is designed for those who own a digital camera and want to maximise its potential and learn the fundamental skills to improve your digital photography.

Adobe Photoshop is the professional software for editing digital images. No knowledge of cameras or Photoshop is necessary but basic computer skills are useful.

The aim is to enable learners to take better pictures by demystifying some of the elements of photography and Photoshop and making the process as simple as possible. Students will come away with the necessary skills to fully operate their digital camera and enhance their pictures in the digital dark room.


You will learn how to fully operate your digital camera and use the manual setting to get the correct exposure. The fundamentals in photography will be covered including understanding relationship between ISO, F-stops & shutter speeds to composition, depth of field to RAW vs jpeg quality settings.

We will compare different camera settings to understand best practice and look at how to deal with different light sources outdoors and indoors. Other areas covered will be composition and lenses, colour temperature and white balance, understanding light source ‘etc’.

In Adobe Photoshop the essentials of this complex but terrific editing software will be explained and simplified to gain the best results for your images. You will find out how to crop, change image size, save & print. We will explore how to change light & colour in both subtle and dramatic ways. We will cover how to select certain areas, collage and work in layers. Issues around the digital workflow, which includes colour calibration, printing & scanning, will also be discussed.


Through classroom based teaching using a wall screen and computers. We will go through all the settings on cameras and much more. Also, you will be introduced to the work of established photographers to gain a deeper understanding of composition and the use of natural light. To gain practice with your camera we do practical sessions out doors along with some homework. In a group we will look at your pictures to give practical criticism and feedback.

Each student has their own computer & a wall mounted demonstration screen makes it easy to follow the routes to successful editing in Photoshop.


You will need to bring a digital SLR, or a hybrid camera which can work on fully manual settings, and the camera manual.

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