National Diploma in Dental Nursing

General information

Accreditation: NEBDN (National Examining Board in Dental Nursing)
Structure: The course is called National Diploma in Dental Nursing approved by NEBDN (National Examining Board In Dental Nursing)
Duration: 12 Months

Course days:
November 8, 2019 – the course will be held every Wednesday from 10:00 to 13:00 / 14:00 to 17:00
Location: London
Price: £ 1600 + VAT

Payment methods
1. Enrollment fee is payable upon registration, before the start of the course (£ 500.00).
2. The rest of the course fee of £ 1000 + VAT can be paid in fixed monthly installments once the course starts.
3. The examination fee (for the 2 eROE exams) is paid separately to the national examination commission and is £ 520.00 it is paid directly to the commission, not to our center.

· You work and study at the same time.
· Work is paid.
· We help you in preparing your CV.
· We help you find a job.
· We help you with everything you need during the course.
· You will learn from some of the best university professors in London, with over 20 years of experience in the field.
· You have the opportunity to reserve your place for a particular class, paying the registration fee (refundable, in case you do not pass the English test), and then completing your registration form.
· You can start working in the cabinet before starting the course.
· Once qualified, you can win between £ 12.00- £ 17.00 / hr.
· After qualifying, you can specialize in a particular field, at your choice (Implants, Radiology, Orthodontics, Tutoring, DentalPractice Manager, Hygienist, Beautician, etc.).
· Specialized dental assistants (s) can earn up to £ 20.00-25.00 / h.

1. Future students will be required to take part in a short interview with the course coordinator.
2. If you take the English test (Level 1, Literacy test).
3. Passport or European ID / NINo / bank statement / proof of address.
5. Future students will have to work in a dental office to complete the practical module of the course. As part of our internal recruitment process, we can help you find a job.
7. Access to computer, internet and e-mail.
8. Age required for registration, 17 years old, at registration.

N.B: Enrollment fee and fees paid are NON-REFUNDABLE in case you drop out of the course (before the actual start or during the course).


The duties of a dental assistant (s):

· To prepare the dental materials and to prepare the dental fillings according to the instructions of the dentist.
· To prepare the dental instruments to make available to the dentist.
· To disinfect and sterilize medical instruments.
· Prepare the injections for the anesthesiology before the extractions and make other procedures in this sense.
· To prepare materials for molding (for teeth).
· To make software for clients.
· To transmit fingerprints, x-rays, etc. the dental technician, to provide the services of the dental technician for the respective dental clinic, to make software for surgery for patients, if necessary.
· To give advice and guidance regarding dental hygiene.
· To perform other administrative tasks, to keep patients’ medical records.
· Answer the phone.
· Maintain the waiting room in order and cleanliness.

And you can become ASSISTANT / A STOMATOLOG / A in just 12 months!

Study! Is working! Make your life beautiful! Earn Money!

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