Nurses NHS or Private Jobs - London, UK



Agency work at one of the best private hospitals in London!

*Better earnings!*
*Better life!*

*** Payrates *** between £25 – £50!
– depending on the band and speciality!

They are looking for:
– General band 5
– Theatres – Scrub, Anaesthetic and Recovery
– Chemo/Oncology
– Endoscopy

NMC registered RN

If you have minimum 6 months experience in an Uk Hospital (NHS or Private) come join our agency today!!

You pick the dates you want to work, you will pick the ward, you pick the shifts (days/nights/long days/short days etc).

Situated in the heart of London’s medical community, The Hospital is one of the UK’s largest private hospitals, dedicated to providing the best, personalised healthcare with a breadth of surgical and medical expertise.

Please contact me or send your CV to
Refer a Nurse who wants to work agency and we give you the £50 referral fee!

London, United Kingdom
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