Our Vision

“To continue to grow to change the general perception of staffing businesses by delivering high quality.

We have founded our ethos and business culture on strong ethics, with best practice.

Our Core Values


Transparency in everything we do. Staying true to our company ethos, value our clients.

Customer focused

We strive to deliver excellence; whether employee, candidate or client, all of our customers will consistently enjoy a positive, valuable experience when working with us.

Honest and realistic

We treat everybody as we wish to be treated ourselves. We manage expectations, are clear on the impact we can have and the service we can deliver. Never to over promise or under deliver.

People and partnerships

Our people are the most important part of our business, they create and build relationships with our customers and feel valued. Our people are approachable, seek to make a difference, and develop our partnerships. It’s because of the quality of our people that our business continues to grow.


We must never lose sight of our ambition. We engage challenges proactively and support each other with the aim of realizing our full potential in a diverse, inclusive and enjoyable workplace.

Just so you know

We work to keep our customers satisfied with our industry best practices, and we keep dealings very straight forward, simple & transparent as possible.
Our core values revolve around the idea of “everyone has the right to education and jobs”, and we aim to support you, achieve your career goals and educational benchmarks.

The time has flown swiftly and so has our growth too. From no founding clients or students, we have successfully built a portfolio of hundreds of reputable Universities/Colleges and countless students with great success stories, and it never ends. Some say we are middlemen, but all the happy customers say; “Thank you for helping us”.

Our journey wasn’t an easy cookie to crack! The biggest challenge is the rapid change; of ever increasing needs and wants of customers, Political & Legal influences, emerging new trends of technological advancements and the increasing competition between the competitors and new entrants.

Education in the UK

I.M. Easy Recruitment LTD – is a professional company offering support in a number of services related to studying in the United Kingdom and applying for Student Finance, which could cover your University fees.

Our services are absolutely for FREE.
I.M. Easy Recruitment LTD specializes in selecting the right UK universities for European and Home students.

We offer a selection of universities in London, Birmingham, Manchester that include Foundation, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, extended Masters, Top-Up Courses, MBA programs. We also have partnered for English Language Courses available for everybody, with no age limits. International Students are also welcomed!

We will act fairly, honestly, discreetly and professionally.